The WB Larder: Banana + Cardamom Jam and Banana Butter

 Prep Time : 10 Minutes | Cook Time : 10 Minutes | Total Time : 30 Minutes | Difficulty : Easy

Hello my lovelies! This is a recent addition to my preserving repertoire but it’s too good not to share. And it’s dead simple to make a small batch so it’s a great gateway drug to preserving. I had heard about banana jam before but had put it in the “umm that’s weird because bananas aren’t like other fruit” category. Well. I have been converted. You may (probably) have heard the story of the delicious banana toast at a recent event I went to. It inspired me to make a copycat which led me to these recipes. And once I tried the jam on it’s own I loved it! Suspend your disbelief and give it a go. I made this recipe with raw sugar which adds to the caramel sweetness. If you want a more banoffie toast experience, try using brown sugar. As you know cardamom is one of my great loves but please try cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg or other spices that you like. Cardamom adds a buttery note to the banana which is just divine. You can make this with fresh or frozen bananas. I am clearing out the banana graveyard in my freezer one batch at a time! I find that frozen bananas break down really well into a smooth mash once thawed. Make sure the bananas are properly ripe to get the best flavour.

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