Chilli + Lemongrass Jam

 Prep Time : 10 + 10 Minutes | Cook Time : 20 + 30 Minutes | Total Time : 2 hours | Difficulty : Preserves

Hello my lovelies! I love preserving season. I am going mad with all the jams and pickles I want to make. I have already made plum jam with some of my smuggled crop from back home. I’ve made feijoa and ginger with my freezer stash. I’m looking out for good apricots. Watch this space for that one. Right now we are making sweet and savoury crossover joy. Perfect for spreading on our crackers, dabbing on our dinners and gobbling with our cheeses. We are adding ginger and lemongrass to give this sweet, tangy, sticky, spicy chilli jam another layer of flavour. While this is called a jam it is technically a chutney. It’s on the soft spreadable side which we like. Don’t skip the roasting step. It really deepens the flavour of the tomatoes. Use good ripe flavourful tomatoes. I like to use the smaller ones as they roast and caramelise a little faster. Please don’t use low acid tomatoes as it can affect the acid levels and the keeping quality of this jam. Allons-y.

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