About The Winsome Baker

image courtesy of Breeana Dunbar

Images courtesy of Breeana Dunbar

Hello my lovelies! I’m Kearin, and while I am a finance professional by day I am a (not-so-secret) baking fiend, well, pretty much all the rest of the time!  I love to experiment with recipes and all sorts of food-related DIY like preserving, cheese-making and other faux homesteading in the city.

I truly believe that everyone can make wonderful food for themselves and loved ones. It is my mission to help as many people as I can discover the simple joy and pride in creating delicious things – and to learn as much about food as I can along the way!

I love getting out and eating everything on offer in my adopted home of Wellington, the gorgeous capital city of New Zealand.   I live with my partner and Head of Tasting in close reach of the amazing local food scene which is filled an abundance of artisan products and hidden gems.