Fig, Honey + Almond Muesli (Granola)

 Prep Time : 15 Minutes | Cook Time : 40 Minutes | Total Time : 1 hour | Difficulty : Easy


So we’re having a bit of a chocolate detox this week… With the warmer weather (we are pretending it’s not raining today…) I was ready for a change from a hot breakfast but clearly we are staying oat-based because duh. Homemade muesli is so much better than store bought for so many reasons. It has less sugar, you can make it just how you like it and pack it full of goodness and flavour. And it’s wahaaay easier than you think. I generally make it up with whatever is in the pantry and this time I just bought some dried figs so here we are! Take the base recipe and mix it up however you like – use maple syrup instead of honey. Add different spices, different fruits or different nuts. Your breakfast destiny is in your hands.

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Porridge/Oatmeal for One {Or More}

 Prep Time : 1 + 2 Minutes | Cook Time : 2-5 Minutes | Total Time : 10 Minutes | Difficulty : Easy

Porridge for One {Or More}-10

Hello my lovelies! Well apparently its officially autumn in this neck of the woods and as the weather gets cooler it’s nice to make the switch to a warm breakfast. My well documented love of oats means my go-to is porridge/oatmeal. I had never though to share this with you guys because to me it’s so routine but after a couple of conversations about it with some new friends I though I would share my version. These easy overnight oats are for Joel and Rachel – Melbournians par excellence. You may notice that there are no proper measurements in the ingredients. This recipe is more of a formula that can be scaled depending on how much breakfast you need. It’s made right in the bowl, using the microwave so no more cleaning oat-y cement from pots!

The one catch is remembering to start the night before – It might seem unnecessary but it’s worth it. The oats soften a lot more for better texture, and the soaking makes them easier to digest and the leave you feeling fuller for longer as a result.

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