Spiced Honey Cupcakes

 Prep Time : 15 + 15 Minutes | Cook Time : 20 Minutes | Total Time : 1 hour | Difficulty : Easy

Hello my lovelies! Going back to work is hard. You deserve a cupcake. These spiced honey beauties are soft and sweet and filled with comforting spices. We’re not quite ready to let go of Christmas completely. I love this cupcake method. It’s so easy and impossible to fuck up. Yep we’re using strong language. We should all feel strongly about access to easy delicious cupcakes. I don’t know what else to say except to eat these cupcakes. Close your eyes and let a moment of fluffy spicy sweetness chase your troubles away.

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Gluten Free Chocolate + Hazelnut Cake

 Prep Time : 15 Minutes | Cook Time : 30 Minutes | Total Time : 1 hour | Difficulty : Easy

Hello my lovelies! I love the base almond cake this recipe is a variation of. It has a lovely soft texture but can carry any fruit or spice you throw at it. I made it up recently with roasted rhubarb and it was fabulous. It makes gorgeous little spiced pear cakes. This is a small recipe – enough to make a dozen small cakes or a 7 inch round cake. If you have more mouths to feed you can easily double the recipe. This chocolate and hazelnut cake is naturally gluten free because we have replaced the original bit of flour with cocoa. Be warned if you want to make individual cakes they do tend to stick so be very careful preparing your pans. This is a simple and gloriously chocolatey and nutty cake. Moist and tender and full of flavour. There are instructions for a frangelico and chocolate sauce to drizzle over the top when serving but really this cake is fabulous on it’s own with a little yoghurt or cream. Frosting this cake would be a sugary waste of time. We want the dark chocolate goodness to shine through. This size will make a deliciously simple dessert for 6.

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Apple + Raspberry Loaf Cake

 Prep Time : 10 Minutes | Cook Time : 70 Minutes | Total Time : 2 hours | Difficulty : Easy

Hello my lovelies! This cake is for crossing seasons. Right now we are in the little lull before spring and summer fruits really kick off. There is still some citrus. But the apples are not at their best. So we are raiding our fruit bowls and freezers. I have some softish apples. My freezer always has berries. And there are lemons everywhere. As there should be. So we are going to make a simple loaf cake to bring everything together and make something better than it’s parts. Synergy. Or something. The cake base is one of my favourites. It’s moist and tender and dairy free. I cry a little every time I have to buy butter at the moment. I love it so. But it is very expensive. Oil based cakes stay much softer for longer and you don’t need to take out a mortgage to make one. The batter for this cake is very thick and that’s ok. Juice from the fruit will soak in during cooking and make everything amazing. Don’t ice or glaze this cake. It doesn’t need it.

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Buckwheat + Honey Madeleines

 Prep Time : 15 Minutes | Cook Time : 6 Minutes | Total Time : 1 hour | Difficulty : Moderate

Hello my lovelies! I love to experiment with different flours. One of my all-time favourite books is Alice Medrich’s Flavour Flours. I made the buckwheat genoise sponge from that book and it was utterly delicious. It set my little brain in motion. Wouldn’t buckwheat madeleines be a great idea? As a jumping off point I made my normal recipe with a 100% substitution of buckwheat flour and swapped the butter for oil on Alice’s recommendation. And it was excellent. No tweaking required. The cakes are bouncy and soft. The amazing nuttiness of the buckwheat comes through. The only addition is a tiny lemon drizzle to give a little sharp contrast. Whenever I make madeleines I kick myself for not making them more often. There’s a little bit of fiddling making sure you prep the pans properly but with a stand mixer they actually take very little effort at all. No more than any cupcake. Less really. And you’re meant to enjoy them straight away. My kind of cake. These have the added bonus of being both dairy and gluten free. Everyone should get to have cake.

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Fig, Apricot + Ginger Cake

 Prep Time : 15 + 5 Minutes | Cook Time : 45 Minutes | Total Time : 2 hours | Difficulty : Easy

Hello my lovelies! Fruitcake is a polarising food. People love it or hate it. I personally love it. But I am alone in this in our household. So the solution? A smaller cake that you can have to yourself of course! This makes a 6 inch cake which will last a brave fruitcake lover for a good week. In addition to being delicious fruitcake keeps well. If you’re not alone in your affection for fruitcake just double the recipe and bake accordingly. Adjustments are given in the notes. This is a fairly untraditional version. No raisins here. I love the traditional flavour combination but this one has a lot of my favourite things. This cake is lighter than a Christmas cake and comes together easily in a pot. There’s a bit of waiting time in the middle but the effort expended is minimal. If you don’t like or don’t have any of the fruits in this particular cake, just make up the same weight of fruit with whatever you do like. We’re not here to judge. Just make cake.

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Brown Butter + Cinnamon Kugelhupf

 Prep Time : 30 Minutes | Cook Time : 25 Minutes | Total Time : 4 hours | Difficulty : Fiddly

Hello my lovelies! I’ve been going on about it enough. So here is a delicious buttery, spicy version of my new favourite thing. I am here to help you get over a fear of yeast. And show you it makes more than just bread. It takes a bit of planning. NBD. But the results are delicious and easy on the sugar. 1/4 cup is the extent of the damage. This makes a small cake. I haven’t tested a double recipe in a larger pan or cupcakes yet. I will get onto it. This cake will serve 8 people a slice. Serve it on it’s own with a cuppa or dress it up with raspberries and a little yoghurt or whipped cream for dessert. The only raspberries around here are frozen so it’s coulis for me. You lucky northern hemisphere people can go for fresh. A standing mixer is the recommended tool. A food processor can do the job so long as the bowl isn’t too big. You can opt to do it by hand but be prepared to mix for a bit. Get some children *coughslavelabourcough* to help. Mixing is key. Lumps are the enemy. It’s easier than you think. And totally worth it.

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Pear + Almond Cakes

 Prep Time : 15 Minutes | Cook Time : 25 Minutes | Total Time : 1 hour | Difficulty : Easy

Hello my lovelies! These delightful cakes were born out of a cake I made when a couple of friends came around for dinner. The last time we had gotten together one had suggested a future cake with pears and spices, maybe made with almonds. Naturally I got to work! The cake was delicious, and these mini-cakes have virtually no variations. The main change is that the original cake had a layer of thinly sliced pears in the bottom which became an upside-down decoration. The cake was fabulous until that layer of pear gradually made the whole cake soggy. So these cakes do away with it and stick to ribbons of sweet pears running through the cakes themselves. On the day of baking they will have a chewy golden caramelised crust. Over the next couple of days the crust will soften, the spices will become a little stronger and the pear will melt into the cakes. What you prefer is up to you! There are notes on making full size cakes in the Cook’s Notes at the bottom. These cakes can also be gluten free by switching out the small amount of flour with a cup-for-cup blend. These cakes are fast and delicious and look delightfully elegant and french. Perfect for your next cup of tea.

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