Date + Ginger Loaf

 Prep Time : 15 Minutes | Cook Time : 60 Minutes | Total Time : 2 hours | Difficulty : Easy


Hello my lovelies! I am clearly in holiday mode posting on a Tuesday! I’m in Melbourne this week on a family holiday, showing my folks some of the awesomeness that Melbourne has to offer. Today is a shopping day wooooo!

If gingerbread and date loaf had a baby it would be this moreish lightly spiced loaf studded with sweet gooey dates and bright ginger. In addition to being delicious and easy to make, this loaf is also dairy free aaand because the dates have so much sweetness of their own, it doesn’t have a lot of sugar. What a saintly loaf!

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Chocolate + Earl Grey Loaf Cake

 Prep Time : 15 Minutes | Cook Time : 1 Hour | Total Time : 2 Hours | Difficulty : Easy

Dark Chocolate + Earl Grey Loaf Cake

So it’s been a while since we made something chocolate right? Thought I’d better put that right. What better way than with a super simple loaf cake that packs a heavy chocolate punch? No fancy ingredients, no tricky method, just meltingly tender cake. The tea in the cake blends into the background, while the early grey syrup complements the not-too-sweet cake perfectly.

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Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

 Prep Time : 15 Minutes | Cook Time : 75 Minutes | Total Time : 1 1/2 hours | Difficulty : Easy


I’ve been on the hunt for a good banana bread recipe for ages and have read or tried a ton of them. For me banana bread has to be simple and it shouldn’t have too much added sugar. It should be tender but still have substance. And it should taste great obviously. I think we’re there!

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