The WB Life: Everyday Happiness

Hello my lovelies! I’m finding it hard to think of what to tell you all about this week. It feels like not much happened. I finally redecorated the tree. I have been working more on getting my balance of environments right. I added a new post to the roster. I did some equipment maintenance. After hearing about it from a new friend I started #100HappyDays on Instagram. Well maybe my week wasn’t totally empty after all!

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The WB Life: Fighting Instinct


Hello my lovelies! Last week started and ended well with some difficult moments in between. We came out of the gate strong with a day relaxing with the SuperBowl and an army of hotdogs. We finished on a high with new hair, an exciting line up of coffee dates and a bunch of sunny days. There was definite downhill movement during the week though. I am shy and tend to retreat from the challenging and unknown. I think the medical term is wuss. Overcoming that instinct is what turned my week around.

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