Life: Spring has Sprung

Hello my lovelies! The weather has taken a turn for the warmer. My second go at getting new sage and oregano sprouted has been a success. I have a pile of rhubarb to devour. I’ve been roaming round ancient Egypt. And it’s Halloween tomorrow.

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Life: In a Pinch

Hello my lovelies! Spring is definitely around the corner. A lot of the plants and trees around here seem to think it’s already arrived even if it keeps raining. There were a lot of daffodils on my run this morning. And buds on trees. Even my thyme is flowering. This week has been a mixed bag. I spent a day in bed with a cracking headache. I have decided on a new name to go with the new direction of the blog. I struggled with my energy. And I planted some chilli futures.

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The WB Life: Making Friends


Hello my lovelies! Hope you’ve all had a good week. Made it through the not-so-summery weather bomb. Managed to sneak some moments of sunshine. I’ve been out and about a bit this last week. I made a new friend. I helped another friend make delicious pies and cookies. Worked on some recipes. Made some preserves. Had a scare with my plants. Mum saved the day. Don’t they always? On Sunday I made a birthday tart for my oldest friend.

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The WB Life: One Foot in Front of the Other


Hello my lovelies! What a week it’s been. The Raiders lost to the Texans ending their Superbowl hopes. I taught myself a new cookie decorating trick. Went to an art exhibition. I had an expensive and helpful medical appointment. Actual tomatoes are growing. It feels like a miracle. I’m rounding out the week with a movie night with my two oldest friends tonight.

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Best of 2016


Hello my lovelies! I know 2016 was a bit shit in a lot of ways. But there are bright spots. This post has the top five most popular posts on TWB in 2016 and also some other top fives of my own. I do love a list. It’s good to remind ourselves of the positive and use it as fuel to move forward. Thank you to everyone who has been reading and baking along with me. You’re the absolute best. Let’s get into some of our favourite things!

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The WB Life: New Year, Slightly Better You


Hello my lovelies! Happy New Year! 2016 has been full of ups and downs for me. A lot of stress. A lot of great experiences. A lot of change. It ended well and that’s what counts.

Time to focus on a new year and better things. Make resolutions that we can keep. I had a great week staying with my folks and soaking up the countryside over Christmas. So much green. So much sky. I was glad to get back in my own kitchen. It’s amazing how you get used to it and how frustrating someone else’s can seem. My plants were well tended while I was away. My herbs are happy and green and I’m a little bit worried that we will wake up pinned to the bed by tomato plants that have filled the entire house. I was blessed this year with my favourite type of Christmas gift – USEFUL THINGS. I have used almost every gift I have received already. The sign of a great gift. This coming week I will share a round-up of your favourite recipes in 2016 and some of my favourite things from the year.

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