Plum, Hibiscus + Rose Jam

 Prep Time : 20 Minutes | Cook Time : 30 Minutes | Total Time : 1 hour | Difficulty : Jammin’

Hello my lovelies! Can’t stay away from jam for long. Especially now I have my new copper jam pan. It is so beautiful. I made it a special spot on display in the kitchen. Sigh. It makes fabulous jam too. We want skillz with our good looks around here. Whether you have or haven’t thrown your money at France in exchange for their expensive fabulousness then you should still make this heavenly plum jam with a floral twist. It’s soft and plummy. It’s aromatic and luxurious. It feels like a fancy treat without a fancy price tag. I would say that while this jam is seasonal in the southern hemisphere right now bookmark this for later in the year if you’re just heading into spring. My general practice is to wash and prep fruit when it’s in season and freeze it in increments of 1 kilogram so it’s ready when I am. Even across the summer things ripen so fast that I struggle to find time to make things in the short window when some fruits are at their best. It also leaves you with a treasure trove of summery goodness in colder months that you can pull out and make into something delicious. I will be getting some apricots out in July to remind myself what summer tastes like. For now lets make some plums into something wonderful. If you are using fruit that has been frozen it will break down far quicker when you cook it.

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Rosewater + Cardamom Panna Cotta

 Prep Time : 5 + 5 Minutes | Cook Time : 5 Minutes | Total Time : 3 hours | Difficulty : Easy

Hello my lovelies! This is another one from the collection of stupidly easy recipes that look fabulous and taste better. I had never made panna cotta before. There was this background sense that it was difficult or unreliable. I have made this base recipe perfectly every time. It has essentially 2 steps and you can make it ahead. The trick is…. forget about trying to turn them out. So liberating. Just choose pretty serving bowls or glasses to hold the servings. Top with bonus pistachio brittle – which is a little harder to make – and a few rose petals. All done. Use champagne saucers, stemless wine glasses, cut glass tumblers or whatever gorgeous things everyone has at the back of the cupboard but never uses. This recipe is velvety and soft. With a luxurious combination of rose and cardamom. If you don’t want to tackle the brittle recipe as well, serve with crisp cookies on the side and sprinkle the top with chopped pistachios and rose petals.

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Matcha + Rose Shortbread

 Prep Time : 15 Minutes | Cook Time : 20 Minutes | Total Time : 1 hour | Difficulty : Easy

Hello my lovelies! I’ve had shortbread on the brain lately. After seeing a post in my Instagram feed I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I worked on a few flavour variations. Some worked. Some didn’t. One recipe has been filed away for my book. The other delicious combination is this one. I like the flavours in shortbread to be subtle so that the toasted butter flavour still come through. This hint of matcha is just enough to give a background note that blends with the buttery goodness. The rose petals are beautiful and give a little pop of flavour here and there. Shortbread is one of my favourites. Because butter. It’s so simple and quick to prepare. Every mouthful is melting buttery heaven. Use good fresh butter to get the best results.

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