The WB Life: Lost + Found

Hello my lovelies! This week I wrestled with a bread. Had an eventful Saturday. Rounded out five years with my snug bug on Sunday.

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The WB Life: Learning Curve

Hello my lovelies! I’m sorry I missed you last week. My brain was full. Learning new things and meeting new people tired me out. The past two weeks have been a bit of a blur. I’m settling into my new job. I’ve been making lots of pickles. I received my annual feijoa shipment. My April tree is still up. I’m having a patch of being a bit healthier as we head into winter. And this week I’m getting new hair.

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The WB Life: Time Flies

Hello my lovelies! It feels like not much of an update this week. The days have zipped by. Always the way when you start something new. I’ve been training and getting stuck in at Good Bitches. While I sit here I can’t think of much else! Just BAU life stuff. I made some pickles that may turn out to be a new WMD. Started experimenting with some truffles. Got into a sourdough groove. Eat, sleep repeat.

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The WB Life: Back in Action

Hello my lovelies! It feels like forever since I chatted with you. After the better part of a week under the weather I’m on my game again. I had a job interview for a great role and have a good feeling about it. We got out to a movie again. I was featured on, I made the traditional easter egg hunt for my snug bug. And we ate a lot of hot cross buns. Oh and I redecorated the tree for April ages ago..

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The WB Life: Sick Leave

Hello my lovelies! Just a quick note to let you all know that regular programming might be a bit disrupted this week. I have come down with a nasty cold. I think this is the blogging equivalent of sick leave? Anyway enjoy this lovely pic of our native Kaka hanging out at our house while I lie face down for the next 20 hours…

Drink lots of fluids. Stay warm. Look after each other.